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Furniture Repair
and Restoration


Lennox Furniture Restoration and French Polishing

Restoration covers a wide range of applications

Our services range from a quick sand to complete strip and refinish and everything in-between.

We can re-veneer damaged or missing timber veneers on furniture, make a missing piece and colour match to suit,  change the colour of painted or stained timber furniture or even respray a much loved  old metal pedal car.

All of our work including stripping and sanding is completed by hand.

FURNITURE REPAIRS – From structural repairs including loose joints and broken drawer runners, re-carving of missing areas, beading or mouldings, accurate replacement of a lost caster or handle or replacement of broken panes of glass in display cabinets, our team will ensure each repair is in keeping with the rest of the item.

In our busy furniture workshop, we use a combination of the latest technology and time-honoured traditional techniques to restore your furniture whilst preserving its integrity. We undertake all aspects of furniture repair and restoration including:

POLISHING AND FINISHES – Our team can strip back old damaged varnishes or finishes ready to be re-polished, waxed or varnished. Small areas such as stains, burns, ring marks can often be treated without the need to strip the whole area. Decorative painted finishes can also be repaired and colour matched seamlessly.

VENEERS, MARQUETRY AND INLAYS – Whether to repair a burn, a bubbled surface or replacing a missing marquetry pattern, we can match wood veneers from most timber species from period stock or new. We can also repair and replace all types of inlay and stringing.  In conjunction with our upholstery team, we can also replace, gilt or blind tool and colour match skivers or leather desk and table linings.

UPHOLSTERY – Any upholstery repairs or replacement are often completed in partnership with the assistance and expertise of Scott from Paradise Upholstery.

A common approach of any experienced antique furniture restorer is working out how a piece was first crafted. It is important to follow all the same techniques and materials used, where possible, ultimately seeking the least intrusive procedure, preserving as much of the original as possible, in turn retaining the integrity of the antique piece


  • repairing of broken chair legs
  • securing loose joints
  • securing loose veneers
  • refinishing table tops
  • removing scratches and dents
  • replacing broken joints
Lennox Furniture Restoration and French Polishing